How does Alexander Isinhue’s High Heel work?

Alexander Isinhue has a unique patented mechanism inside the heel of every shoe. The mechanism allows the height of the heel to be reduced by approximately 40% or about the height of an average Wedge-style women’s shoe. The mechanism has a very sturdy steel rod with a spring-loaded locking feature that prevents the shoe from inadvertently converting while in the full position. There are two positions: the Full Standing position and the Converted position (Wedge style). The steel rod locks into a socket inside the heel in each of these positions to safely and securely lock the heel in (it functions similarly to how you secure your seat belt in a car).

How do you change from high heel to low wedge?

Step 1:
With the shoe secured, take one hand and hold the bottom half of the heel and then pull straight down to unlock it from the high heel position.

Step 2:
Push forward towards the arch of the shoe, it will move about a quarter circle before it stops moving.

Step 3:
Slightly push straight backward on the tip of the heel and it will lock into the secured converted position. Done!

How comfortable are Alexander Isinhue’s Heels?

Every pair of Alexander Isinhue’s heels was designed and carefully manufactured with comfort in mind. It is made with 100% leather that is carefully cut to support your feet in both the Full Standing and Converted position. It is also made in the USA at an expert shoe manufacturer with over 60 years of experience in the shoe making business. We invite you to try a pair for yourself at no risk to you during our launch period with free shipping and returns (offer valid for first production run ONLY).

How safe are Alexander Isinhue’s Heel? Do they ever convert unintentionally?

No, there are two locking positions in our heel (1 in the Fully Standing position and 1 in the Converted position) that the metal rod is inserted into. Our heels have gone through countless rigorous stress tests in our engineering facility as well as extensive user trial, and they have passed every test. The heels are as safe as you would find in other comparable high heel shoes at both heights. Our stainless steel rod embedded inside the heel can withstand over 2.5 tons of pressure!

When the heel is in the converted position, can someone else see the heel?

It depends on the angle and distance you are looking at the shoe. If someone was very close to you and looked at the shoe from eye level, they may be able to see a converted heel. In general, the shoe in the Converted position will look like you are wearing a Wedge. Many of our customers wear the shoes in the Converted position to walk between locations (to and from work, to a meeting/presentation, etc.) and then put the heel in the Full Standing position once they have arrived at their destination. We have also had customers who only use the Converted position when they stow the shoes in their purses to for space saving purposes. The versatility and countless scenarios this shoe can be used in is the reason we are excited to bring this shoe to market!

Do the heel tips wear down, and can they be replaced?

Unlike the traditional high heel shoes that only have one rubber tip per shoe, our shoe has 2 rubber tips per shoe. We need to have a rubber tip in the Fully Standing position and the Converted position because in both positions there is a new portion of the shoe that strikes the ground. Just like any other shoe, the rubber tips will wear down. After normal use and degradation of the tips, you may choose to replace the tips, and this can be done at virtually any shoe shop.

Will I feel off balance when the heels are in the Converted position?

No, we have accounted for this possibility. Our shoe is designed with some flexibility in the material that helps to account for a drop in height of the shoe. During our engineering process, we looked at all angles of the shoe and designed optimal pieces that were specially designed to handle the change in height while still maintaining the wearer’s normal comfort and balance.

How do you pronounce your “Isinhue” and where does it come from?

Our name is pronounced (IS-IN-HUE). Our father made up our name when he came to this country. His immigration to the US symbolized the start of a new life, and he wanted that to be reflected in his name. His last name was simply the letter “I” when he came to the US, and in the spirit of symbolizing a new start and life in the US while simultaneously honoring his family and keeping his given last name of “I”, he added “Sin” (his mother’s maiden name) and “Hue” (his grandmother’s maiden name). Thus, giving him the last name Isinhue. We take great pride in our name, and believe that our product is as unique as our name!